Vacation in Morocco

Kelaa M'gouna - The beautiful city of roses

In the month of April all the city is covered with roses. At the entrance of Kelaa M'gouna people with roses necklaces are waiting for visitors. First when I saw this my mind flew to Hawaii.

Each year, in the first week of May there's the Festival of roses in Kelaa Mgouna. This cultural and touristic event known all over the world gathers together singers, dancers, local people and many tourists.

Kelaa Mgouna is famous around the world due to its fields of ROSES.

This city has two factories that produce rose water - used for beauty care and also in Moroccan kitchen for adding fragrance and taste in food - and rose essential oil which is the most valuable product

Tons of rose petals are distilled each year in order to produce rose water and rose essential oil. From Kelaa Mgouna these 2 products take the path to Casablanca's factories where they are transformed in soaps, shampoos, masks and many other cosmetic products, but also to outside Morocco in Europe and United States. This very expensive rose essential oil from Kelaa Mgouna is taken to France and sold to perfume and cosmetic houses at a very high price.

Be careful when you buy rose products, especially the ones made in Casablanca, because they contain many chemicals and also have always in mind that rose products are not pink. They are always without color, transparent.

In all Morocco you will find in shops rose products with labels saying they come from Kelaa Mgouna. It's not true all the time, because most of all these cosmetics are coming from Casablanca factories. If they really come from Kelaa Mgouna then it means they certainly have good quality and you can buy with no worries. Rose products are the most wanted in Morocco and the most required by tourists.

Beside roses Kelaa Mgouna has so many other things to offer. This city is full with green nature. Everywhere you go you see green forests, trees of figs and olives, people preparing natural food like in old times and this reminds you about your native connection with nature.

People from Kelaa Mgouna, the berbers, are friendly and very curious especially when it comes about foreigners. They like to communicate and to discover more about you, your country, family, culture and to observe and study your clothes, car, luggage.

Berbers (Tamazirt) live their life intensely with joy and happiness. They pass all the problems and the difficulties of life with an immensely faith in God. For Berbers each moment counts no matter if they are rich or poor and they don't worry about tomorrow, because for them the present is all that counts.

With this thought in mind, we walked through the fields of roses and we let the smell to fill our senses. Just us and nature. No more stress, no more fighting for money, no more bosses and managers, no more computers, no more social networks. The miracle of real life can not be replaced by anything in this world.

In the nature of Kelaa Mgouna I felt like I was escaping from a cage and I start to breath again the real fresh air. I missed this air for long time.

Up from some rocks we watch the beautiful surroundings, the Atlas mountains, the oasis, the fields of roses, the figs, the olives and all the greens from there. Wonderful. This place is just wonderful.